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 was talking to CJ earlier and he "accidentally" bumped into me.

I was surprised.


CJ "accidentally" bumped into me and I "accidentally" bumped into him.

We do this everyday whenever we see each other. If you ask me, it's fun.

It feels wonderful.

I'm going to draw it.



Oh my gosh.

When I walked into class, CJ gave me some of his chocolate.

I wonder if I was blushing.


We both did the "accidental" bump today.


I liked it.


I scared CJ in the hall.

I grabbed his shoulders.

He literally jumped.

He was glad I didn't at least hiss.

We laughed afterwards.


Listening to E.T. by Katy Perry.

Thinking of CJ.

...So handsome...


You're so hypnotizing.

Could you be the devil?

Could you be an angel?

Different DNA.

Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me.

Infect me with your love.

Fill me with your poison.

Take me, ta-ta-take me.

Wanna be a victim.

Ready for abduction.

Your kiss, is cosmic.

Every move is magic.

You're from a whole 'nother wold.

A different dimension.

You open my eyes.

And I'm ready to go.

Lead me into the light.

Boy, you're an alien.

Your touch so foreign.

Boy, you're my lucky star.

Every minute when you vibrate.

For you I'd risk it all. All.

It's supernatural.



He has cute eyes.

Mine are BL eH.

BL eH.

I hAtE thEm.


I almost scared CJ when he looked behind him and saw me lurking around.

He said I didn't hiss.

I told him I switch from human to predator.

He said that's a different point of view.

I laughed.


I told him my secret.

I'm a predator.

A cat.

A Scottish Fold.


I think I scared him.

I'm so stupid.


We talked about knives today.

I told him how I almost cut my finger with my pocket knife.

He said it was a stupid thing to do.

I laughed.


He got surprised at me because I wrote all over my hands.

I just smiled innocently.

He looked at me like I was insane.

To be honest CJ,

I am insane!


Thinking of CJ x Shelby.

I'm trying not to cry.

Remembering the Valentines Dance.

He gave her a teddy bear.

I'm upset.

I wanna kill him.

I wanna drink his blood.

I wanna eat his heart out.

I wanna cry...

I'm not going to kill him...


We have lots of things in common.

We like Goosebumps.

We like cars.

We like Smarties.

We like are blind.

We like to be crazy.

We like crashing into each other.

We like each other...

Wait, what?

Nonononononono, I don't know if he likes me!

Wait, DOES he like me?

Or Shelby?


*frustrated growling*


CJ is adorable and cute.


I love his hair...

I love his glasses...

I love his skin...

I love his eyes...

I love his lips...

Wait, what?

Oh boy...



CJ tried to scare me.

No one can scare me.

He pretended to bite me.

I was just like, what?


I told CJ I was practicing for the pep rally.

He gave me that look.

After that, I caught him looking at my chest.

At least, I think he did.

I was like, what?

And he was like, what?




You wanna go?!?!?!

Go where?

I'm going home and you're going home!

How did you know?

I guessed!


I'm half cat.

Ok, I'm half surprised and I'm surprised.

Half surprised and surprised?

Yeah. I'm like, really?


It's because you pounce.

More than that, CJ.

I leap on my prey.





More E.T.


*drools while thinking of CJ in his tuxedo at the dance*

Wanna feel you powers.

You open my eyes.

Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me.

Wanna be a victim.



Listening to Amor Prohibido by Selena Quintanilla.

It matches me and CJ.

Cause like we are different races.

And what will the others think?

Forbidden love.

That's what.

SELENA LYRICS - Amor Prohibido


I saw CJ in the gym.

Oh god.

He looked hot.

Did I just say that?

Oh my god.


I went to say hi to him

I asked him if he was ok.

No, I'm dying.

You're dying?

Look at my face.

I'm already dead.

Excuse my English, but, DAMN! Girl, I can see you on the other side!

I laughed.

I died back in October.





I walked up to CJ and I grabbed his shoulders.

He screamed.

I was like, did I really scare you?


Are you ok?



*I hug him*

No, that didn't really happen.

Although, I wish it it.

What would he say?

Better not do it.

He'd think I'm like, crazy for him.

Which I might be.

No one will ever know...


I overheard CJ in class and he told his friend this.

I'm an angel and you're a demon!

I'm gonna draw him as an angel.



I can't believe I'm in love with a gringo.


I just read a Slappy x reader lemon fan fiction and I imagined CJ was Slappy.




I tried painting my hands and CJ caught me.

He said it was the superglue I tell you!

I was just hiding my hands and he imitated me.

I just kept squirming trying to hide my hands and my smile.

He keeps staring at me!


I'm dying inside...


I'm having a salsa tasting contest in class.

The salsa is as hot as CJ.


Wait, what?!?!?!?!

Did I just... Oh my god...

 Think I'm having a nosebleed.



I just realized how CJ looks a lot like Slappy in his tuxedo and I just read a Slappy x reader lemon fan fiction.



I'm gonna show CJ the sprinkles in my hair.

Wonder what he'll say!


He noticed my hair.

My hair.

My freaking hair.



I showed him my ribcage and he showed me his.

It's hot...

Wait, what?

I love his ribcage...

Stop it!

It's sexy...


And you want it...


I know you do...

No I don't!

You wanna feel his ribcage...


And lick it too...


Lock yourself in a room with him and do it...



Mmm mmm!!!!


BL eH!

You love him...

Shut your mouth already!!!!

Why? Because I'm telling you this even thought you know I'm you?

Grrrrr... I'm going to kill you...


CJ put some papers on my head earlier.

I turned to look at him and he smiled innocently.


He either shamed me or stuck the middle finger at me.

I should've said I regret nothing!


CJ saw me in the pep rally.

I was so nervous!

I wonder if he watched me dance.

I went to say hi and I said hi back.



Scares CJ in the hall.

CJ says,

Oh crap!

You caught me before I caught myself!



What was that?

I don't know!


*bumps him*


*bumps him*


*tries to bump into him, succeeds and fails*


Tries to sneak up on CJ and is too loud.

He tell me I was sneaky earlier and I'm loud this time.

I gave him smarties and he said smartie life.

I thought he said smartie wife.


I gave him some broken in half smartest and he asked me who does that?

I told him my pockets do.

Your pockets are evil!


CJ saw my superman shirt and he unzipped his jacket and showed me his batman shirt.

He said we gotta fight superman! We gotta fight!

I put my iPad in the air and said hold still.


I showed him my hands with more marks made by Shelby.

It's the superglue I tell you!

*shows him my finger with the word "superglue"*

We laughed about it.

A lot.

It was so funny.

We laughed endlessly.


Whenever CJ groans and stretches, it turns me on.

Big time.

I can't help but stare and blush.

Oh my god...

 I always gotta look away before he sees me staring at him!


I remember I was teaching CJ how to speak Spanish.

I realized I was staring at his lips.

Oh god, will I ever forgive myself?!?!?


I went to say hi to CJ one morning.

I said, "Hi CJ!"

He said, "Hi Adri."

Lincoln was there too and he said, "I'm just like getting in the way."

Then he walked away.

CJ said, "This is awkward."

I said, "Yeah. Very."


I invited CJ to my birthday party.

He said yes.

I told Emma and she was yelling and screaming with happiness.

She told me she made a bet with her mom and Emma won.

Then she told EVERYBODY in the locker room that I invited my crush to my bday party.

It was embarrassing.


I almost went savage in front of CJ.

I was attacking a person I hated.

He told me to chill and so I did.

Later, he licked his hand and tried to touch me with it.

I tried to get away.

Not that I wanted it to touch me or anything...


CJ: Batman

Shelby: Wonder Woman

Adri: Superman

Together, we are a team.

Super Bat Woman.

Our fusion name.

The three of us are now a fusion.


Jade asked me if I was half cat and before I could answer, I saw CJ move his eyebrows.

He moved his eyebrows up and down.

The help up his hand and said something to me.

I was so embarrassed!

I wonder what's going on in his mind...


CJ did some goofy things in class and I think I turned red.

I was hiding and squirming in my seat.

I couldn't help it and I was embarrassed!

Please send help...

He just kept looking in my direction and made goofy things.

I'm pretty sure I turned red.

And he saw it.

I just struggled to stay calm!

Ok, I admit it.

I enjoyed it.

But I wasn't going to let him see I did!

I think he know I enjoyed it.

Oh god...

I wanna die in a fire now.

Or self harm myself with scissors


CJ told me to wait outside.

He yelled, "NO! YOU WAIT OUTSIDE!"

And so I did, like a cat would.

I'm CJ's kitty.~




I was Gazelle.

CJ was DabbingDinosaur.

He asked me, "Why did you name yourself after a phone company?"

"No, I'm Gazelle from Zootopia!"



Math class.

You wait outside!



Not until the bell rings.

Ok then...

Don't attack me with a pen! Oh crap!

*points a pent at him*

I have more!

I have more. Then you attack me with pink!

*attacks him with pink*


I'm gonna have to deal with later.


Emma started to think dirty thoughts when I said I was CJ's kitty.

She said I suck on CJ's dick and she told me that CJ said I tasted good.

I think I turned red.

I kept beating her up when she wouldn't tell me.

Name Combiner


CJ's friend Colin told me this,  "Oh, and CJ said he likes you."

Me and CJ were like, WHAT?!?!?!?!

I asked CJ what Colin say and he say, "He told you that I love you!"

I hid in my jacket and he laughed.

superglue - Google Search

It's the superglue I tell you!



Chevy chevelle


"Accidental" bump




Horror movies


Did I ever mention CJ looks like Slappy from Goosebumps?

Well, he does.

And I read a Slappy x reader fan fiction.

With CJ.

As Slappy.






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I'm a human girl with lots of imagination. Some of the things I like are Smurfs, Minions, Boovs, Cars and lots of other things. I like to cross portals to other dimensions to escape reality.



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